Founded by Jasmine Villanueva. Carefully currated vintage from around the globe.  Jasmine personally hand picks all the pieces herself, both from her private collection as well as some of the most prestigious markets worldwide.

Villa Amour's mission is to reuse incredible archived pieces while reducing the fashion world's carbon footprint. The packaging and fast fashion industries are some of the most polluting industries in the world, garment manufacturing causes about 20% of industrial water pollution. We are proud to say all of our packaging is carefully selected and made from recyclable or biodegradable material.

By resurfacing beautiful pieces from the past we can take steps towards a more sustainable future.

Thank you for treading lightly with us on our beautiful planet.


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A selection of pieces for the Holidays

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Exclusive Collection

Iconic garments that have played an undeniable role in fashion history.

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Curated Accessories

Higly curated accessories from around the world.

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