Versatile Statement Pieces!

When curating our vintage pieces we love to keep 3 concepts in mind: condition, versatility and statement.

Villa Amour is unique in that we make vintage shopping easy and effortless. We strive to offer high quality pieces that can last another lifetime with the right care. Our curation process is extremely thorough and the condition of each item is carefully inspected. 

We like to offer our customers garments that they can use alongside items of clothing that they already own. When curating, we often ask ourselves 'how versatile is this blazer?', 'can it be layered on with pieces you have at home?' or 'how frequently can someone wear this?'. Furthermore, items are pre-selected according to seasons (e.g. fall/winter and spring/summer), so you can always count on us to have versatile pieces all year round.

Last but not least: statement pieces. These iconic garments are unique runway archives that have played an undeniable role in fashion history. They are extremely rare are sought after. We often collaborate with renowned stylists who pull from this collection for shoots and special events. You can find these garments in our exclusive selection.

With this blog, I hope that I have given you a little bit of insight into our uniquely designed curation process. 

With much love,